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CharIN members involved in a $9 million grant-project of DC fast chargers in California

The California Energy Commission supports the installation of DC fast chargers along major state freeways and highways by granting $ 9 million to companies like Chargepoint Inc., member of the CharIN association, EV Connect Inc., as well as NRG EV Services LLC and Recargo Inc., two...

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CCS Combo Exceeds 2,000 Installed Chargers In Europe

The number of CCS Combo chargers in Europe has increased 10 times over the past two years to just over 2,000 in total according to CCS Charge Map.

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JoongAng Control is a new member of the CharIN e.V.

JoongAng Control Co., Ltd. establishes and operates integrated control system solutions along with the development of various vehicle charging facilities.

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Daeyoung Chaevi becomes member of CharIN

Chaevi is a major Charge Point Management System (CPMS) manufacturer and service provider. The company was established in 2016, Headquarter is located in Daegu, R&D offices in Seoul, Korea.

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