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Claas Bracklo talks about standardization of charging infrastructure at the Electro Mobility Conference of the German Government

“The electric car – extravagance for a few or automobile normality of the future?” this is the slogan of this year’s electro mobility conference of the German government on June 6 and 7 2016 in Berlin. Claas Bracklo will participate in the Panel about “Electro mobility and energy transition” and...

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Video-Interview: Claas Bracklo, BMW & Charging Interface Initiative.

Wie sieht die Zukunft des Ladens aus?


Claas Bracklo hat davon eine sehr konkrete Vorstellung: Der Leiter Innovationsfeld Elektromobilität bei BMW treibt derzeit als Vorstandsvorsitzender auch die Dinge bei der noch jungen Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) voran – in beachtlichem Tempo!

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Setzt PSA auf CCS?

Indizien wie schnelle Ladezeiten für die angekündigten Stromer der assoziierten Marken deuten darauf hin, dass PSA demnächst zu CCS überlaufen könnte. Damit wäre der in Europa und den USA favorisierte Schnellladestandard gegenüber CHAdeMO weiter im Aufwind.

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Voltavision joined the CharIN association and provides new testing-facilities for charging components

“Our goal is to accelerate the development of new EV charging technologies. In order to ensure the interoperability and reliable function, Voltavision provides testing–facilities and –services for charging components.” says Nils Stentenbach – CEO of Voltavision. In May 2016 Voltavision became a new...

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First CharIN New Members Meeting June 9 2016 in Berlin

10 founding Members, 18 new members so far this year and a lot of motivation – the CharIN association is growing. To introduce and connect our new members, we will host a New Members Meeting on 9 June 2016 in Berlin.

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German Ministry of Transport offers a funding guideline for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

On 18 May 2016 the German government adopted an incentive program to promote electro mobility in the country. The funding program “Charging Infrastructure Electric Vehicles in Germany” aims at building a nationwide charging infrastructure with 15,000 charging stations all over Germany.

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Star Charge became CharIN’s 88th member

An auspicious number in China and a great opportunity for CharIN to interview Jeff Li, head of Global Business Development at Star Charge. Star Charge is a manufacturer and operator of EVSE stations in China.


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Ulvac Groups becomes member of CharIN

Founded in 1952, Ulvac Group has more than 50 companies and 29 factories and 69 CS centers and sales offices worldwide. Our main business is manufacturing FPD, main equipment of semiconductor process, medical equipment, electronic equipment and other compnent. The company employs 6,100 people and...

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