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Penta Security joins CharIN E.V.

Penta Security Systems Inc. is Korea’s leading web, IoT, and data security company. Dedicating 20 years of continuous development to its encryption technology, Penta Security’s solutions cover all three major domains of corporate information security: authentication, web security, and data...

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SCAME SpA joins CharIN e.V.

“Concepts of research and quality are an integral part of our culture in all the aspects and every activity of our work”

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CharIN member Phoenix Contact provides fast charging with currents of up to 500 A

With fast charging up to 500A, Phoenix Contacts intensively helps to promote CCS and makes electromobility fit for everyday use.

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LG Innotek joins Charging Interface Initiative e.V.

Seoul, South Korea, Sep. 26, 2017 – LG Innotek today announced it has joined 'Char-IN'(Charging Interface Initiative e.V.), an international association for charging of electric vehicles, as a core member.

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FUSO eCanter - first light truck with CCS

The FUSO eCanter is the first light truck with CCS that will be in series production for Europe, Japan and the US. The truck with a 115-kW motor has a range of 100 km and a load capacity up to 4,5 tons.

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CharIN e.V. Asia Meeting in Hong Kong

The Charging Interface Initiative e.V. would like to welcome its members to a seminar on the highly current topics of charging by well-known experts on September 25th to 27th, 2017 at the Cordis Hotel / Hong Kong

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CharIN's first Asia members’ Seminar was held in Hong Kong from September 25th to 27th

Over 80 members from different EV related industries joined us to exchange their knowledge, mingle with likeminded people & meet up with potential partners.

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DEKRA Becomes CharIN Member

DEKRA Automobil GmbH has been accepted as a member of Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN). In this way, DEKRA wants to further intensify its efforts in developing, inspecting, and certifying a safe, efficient, and compatible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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alpitronic joins CharIN e.V.

alpitronic announced that it has joined the CHARIN E.V. initiative to participate in the standardization of charging stations. And thus, help fostering the growth of a global charging network for electrical vehicles.

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