Ulvac Groups becomes member of CharIN

Founded in 1952, Ulvac Group has more than 50 companies and 29 factories and 69 CS centers and sales offices worldwide. Our main business is manufacturing FPD, main equipment of semiconductor process, medical equipment, electronic equipment and other compnent. The company employs 6,100 people and generates sales of € 1.6 billion in 2016.

Ulvac Korea was established in 1997 and manufactures FPD and semiconductor equipment main facilities. We have been interested in Green Energy business for a few years and have been researching and developing EV charger since 2010 as a national project. Ulvac Korea has partnered with Renault Samsung Motors to conduct electric taxi business. And we have acquired Renault Certified ZE Ready.


Ulvac Korea has been accepted as a member of Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN) in September 2017. We share information about Korea EV and EV charger market with CharIN, and try to connect with global EV and EV charger manufacturers. Now, we are planning to develop a DC fast charger and will incorporate CCS technology through CharIN to make a more stable and complete charger. We are always doing our best to meets customer's needs.


CharIN e.V. published a guideline for inductive charging

The Charging Initiative e.V. published an industry statement about wireless power transfer (WPT) to support the development of advanced inductive charging systems.


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Over 450 additional CCS HPC Charging points to connect Europe

Thanks to the European Union Program „Connection Europe Facility“ (CEF) and new alliances in Europe, hundreds of new CCS high-power charging stations will be established throughout the continent.

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