Successful CharIN meeting with Indonesian Gaikindo

This February the CharIN Asia coordination office had an interactive meeting with Gaikindo (The Indonesian Association of Automotive Industry) which was held in its Jakarta office. The Gaikindo representatives organised this event and all its members with an interest in electric vehicles were invited.


The CharIN e.V. introduced its goals and activities, especially CCS and its advanced ISO/IEC 15118 communication which allow for: Plug & Charge, V2G, Grid Demand-Response and secured/encrypted communication for payments.


The event was well perceived by its members as it showed that CCS has developed into a multi-facetted charging system that allows for a wide variety of secured applications which extend beyond only charging EV.


In addition, many of its members were happily surprised to see that Indian, Korean and Japanese car makers and affiliated automotive industries choose CCS as the preferred standard for EV.


Some Indonesian companies are therefore thinking about also joining the CharIN initiative.


High-tech company Balance Power becomes member of the CharIN Interface Initiative e.V.!

Founded in Shanghai in 2013, Balance Power is an integrated high-tech company in which the main business includes smart hardware and internet platform operation. Balance Power has two core brands: Let’s Charge (serve electric vehicles and electric bicycles) and Bus Captain.

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KION joins CharIN as new Core member!

The KION Group is a global leader in industrial trucks, related services and supply chain solutions with more than 31,000 employees worldwide and a closely connected sales and distribution network.

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