Schaltbau joins the Charging Interface Initiative e.V.

Schaltbau offers rapid charging systems from 50 to 500 kW as standard, but can supply customised units of up to 2 MW. Schaltbau fully supports the establishment of the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the harmonized charging standard for electric vehicles.

Schaltbau aims to bring together the requirements arising from High Power Charging (HPC) and those of e-buses. It is of great importance to us that a global standard is established, in order to avoid fragmentation into many proprietary special-purpose solutions. Schaltbau intends to support CharIN as a contribution to achieving a breakthrough in e-mobility.


The Schaltbau Group develops and delivers systems and components for transportation and industry worldwide. The drivers of a sustainable and profit-oriented expansion are global mega-trends such as increasing urbanization, rising world trade and growing environmental awareness. The companies in the Group contribute to safe, low-emission mobility, a smooth flow of goods and renewable energy.


The highly specific expertise and outstanding level of innovation evident in the products we develop and manufacture have earned us the trust and confidence of our customers. We continually strive to enhance the market positions we have already achieved through selective research and development activities. The acquisition of new customer groups and increased market penetration thanks to strategic acquisitions in the core markets open new perspectives and reveal even more opportunities. These key factors are the basis of the Schaltbau Group’s organic growth.


Successful CharIN meeting with Indonesian Gaikindo

This February the CharIN Asia coordination office had an interactive meeting with Gaikindo (The Indonesian Association of Automotive Industry) which was held in its Jakarta office. The Gaikindo representatives organised this event and all its members with an interest in electric vehicles were...

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The Indio German Working Group on Automotive discussed collaboration in the e-mobility sector during the Indian Auto Expo

The Indo German Working Group on Automotive conducted a discussion with German Industry and Indian government officials on the 9th of February 2018 at the Indian Auto Expo 2018. The working group includes representatives of the German and Indian Automobile industries and has been working to...

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