REMA Group Joins CharIN e.V to Expand the CCS Standard Worldwide

REMA Group will unite its expertise along with other CharIN members to expand the Combined Charging System into an unrivaled worldwide charging standard.

As one of the original architects of the CCS coupler system, REMA leveraged its expertise and experience in conductive power connectivity to help bring to market this unique dual AC and DC charge connector. As a member of CharIN e.V. we look forward to uniting our passion and expertise with organizations across multiple disciplines to continue advancing the CCS technology.


About REMA

A global innovator and manufacturer of electrotechnical components, with an emphasis on Electric Vehicle Couplers, services the world from locations in Germany, China and the United States. Manufacturing interconnect products for over 100 years, REMA’s expertise and innovation with UL and CE approved electric power connection products have deemed them a leader in power connectivity in a variety of markets including Electric Transportation, Material Handling, Recreational Vehicle, Utility, and Telecommunications. Visit


REMA Media Contacts:
Syndi MacIntosh; 864-655-8981, s.macintosh(at)
Joerg Hagmaier; j.hagmaier(at)


KION joins CharIN as new Core member!

The KION Group is a global leader in industrial trucks, related services and supply chain solutions with more than 31,000 employees worldwide and a closely connected sales and distribution network.

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Phihong Technology Co.,Ltd. is now member of the CharIN e.V.!

Phihong is a leading global power supply manufacturer and recognized as a trustworthy brand by our customers around the world. As a top-notch manufacturer in the power supply field for over 40 years. We constantly create innovative products and at the same time insist on quality and safety.

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