Korea introduces CCS a standard for electric vehicles

The Korean Society of Automotive Engineers announced that South Korea decided to use the Combo 1 plug, which is based on the Combined Charging System (CCS), as the standard for electric vehicles.

With that statement, another country decided to use CCS as the standard for fast charging of electric vehicles.


Hyundai is the major Korean car producer that will use CCS in its EVs, which is already standard in Europe and North America. The majority of electric cars on Korean streets already have CCS and with the statement of Hyundai, the number of cars with CCS in Korea will increase to an even higher level.


The CharIN e.V. highly welcomes this decision. More and more Korean companies have already joined the CharIN e.V. to support the initiative to establish the Combined Charging System as the standard for all electric vehicles worldwide.


Successful CharIN meeting with Indonesian Gaikindo

This February the CharIN Asia coordination office had an interactive meeting with Gaikindo (The Indonesian Association of Automotive Industry) which was held in its Jakarta office. The Gaikindo representatives organised this event and all its members with an interest in electric vehicles were...

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The Indio German Working Group on Automotive discussed collaboration in the e-mobility sector during the Indian Auto Expo

The Indo German Working Group on Automotive conducted a discussion with German Industry and Indian government officials on the 9th of February 2018 at the Indian Auto Expo 2018. The working group includes representatives of the German and Indian Automobile industries and has been working to...

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