EBG compleo joins the Charging Interface Initiative e.V.

Producer of charging stations supports establishment of CCS connector as standard charging system

The number of members who join the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. keeps steadily growing: with EBG compleo another market leader takes part in this internationally operating association.


EBG compleo specializes in the development and production of charging stations for EV’s. The company is convinced that electric mobility only can develop into the promising key technology by means of open standards. For this purpose, all participants have to work together. Therefore, EBG compleo is very committed to keep charging of electric vehicles consistently safe and reliable on various levels. Thus electric mobility is made available for the largest possible user group. EBG compleo works in direction-setting comittees and actively promotes the electro-mobile progress. The participation in organisations like DKE, OCA und ZVEI emphasizes the will to create standards and safety in the e-mobility sector. Through its CharIN membership the family-owned midsize company supports the project to standardize the Combined Charging System worldwide as a clear and consistent charging system. In 2015 EBG compleo rolled out its first fast charging station with 50kW “made in Germany” by presenting the CITO BM2 500.


About EBG compleo

EBG compleo is a leading provider of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The midsize company sold over 10,000 charging points to more than ten European countries and contributes as a pioneer to an expansion of modern charging infrastructure for electric mobility with its AC- and DC-charging stations developed according to the latest standards.


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