CharIN presentation at a regional Basque EV charging project

CharIN participated at the final conference of the Basque AZKARGA projects last week in Bilbao, Spain.

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The AZKARGA project is centered around the development of a fast charging station for electric vehicles with technologies of Basque companies. The complete technological value chain from electronics, control and communication, algorithm software as well as the local installation was realized by Basque companies and participating partners of the project.


The conference in Bilbao on June 21st marked the end of the three years’ project with participating companies and institutions of the region such as the technology and strategy department of the Basque government, the local Bilbao government, Cluster de Energía as well as the CharIN member Ingeteam.


CharIN was invited to present the ideas and the progress of CCS as a global charging standard. Dr. Isabell Schwenkert from the CharIN Coordination Office participated at the event and spoke about the vision of the CharIN association and the activities of the CharIN focus groups.


The press release in Spanish can be read here.



Four days, two countries, two events, two CharIN presentations in Asia

CharIN e.V. - well-travelled and highly demanded. This will be a though week for CharIN in the end of November. The EV Tech Forum 2017 in Bangkok and the Deagu International Future Auto Expo in Deagu, Korea offer presentations in the same week and CharIN will be present at both events.

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CharIN e.V. supports ISO/IEC 15118

The Charging Initiative e.V. has published a position paper to affirm its support of the ISO/IEC 15118 as the communication protocol between the electric vehicle and the charging station.

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CharIN e.V. North America Member Meeting, November, 2017

A CharIN North American November Member Meeting was held at the General Motor Vehicle Engineering Center in Warren, Michigan on November 2, 2017.

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