CharIN e.V. supports ISO/IEC 15118

The Charging Initiative e.V. has published a position paper to affirm its support of the ISO/IEC 15118 as the communication protocol between the electric vehicle and the charging station.

CharIN is continuing to build on the solid foundation created by the industry and already established solutions based on ISO/IEC 15118 for electric vehicles and charging stations in the field. Over the past several years car and charging manufacturers have collaborated on the development of the ISO/IEC 15118 Standard with the specific goal of enabling worldwide interoperability between charging equipment and EVs while creating a positive user experience. Therefore, the CharIN e.V. firmly supports ISO/IEC 15118 as the key component of the communication for CCS.


In a position paper, the CharIN e.V. affirms its statement and explains the benefits and efforts to develop this standard. Furthermore, the additional use cases which are also covered by the protocol are highlighted in the document.


The complete statement is available for download here.


Information about CharIN e.V.

The Charging Interface Initiative e.V. -abbreviated to CharIN e.V.- is a registered association with 102 members along the whole value chain from all over the world. It is open to all interested parties and has offices in Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and the US.


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