ABB and Fastned operate the first high power charging station with 350 kW

The CharIN member Fastned installed the first high power charging station with up to 350 kW. This first kind of charging station that operates in the market can be found on a freeway close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. At this high-power charging station drivers can charge their electric vehicles for up to 500 km within 15 minutes.

The charging station was developed by ABB in cooperation with Fastned. With this project the two CharIN members implement one of CharIN’s major targets: to realize high power charging (HPC) with up to 350kW within 15 minutes. ABB and Fastned boost the charging infrastructure not only by bringing in more charging station in the market, but also by making charging more comfortable for drivers on the road by charging the vehicle more quickly with high power charging.


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KION joins CharIN as new Core member!

The KION Group is a global leader in industrial trucks, related services and supply chain solutions with more than 31,000 employees worldwide and a closely connected sales and distribution network.

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Phihong Technology Co.,Ltd. is now member of the CharIN e.V.!

Phihong is a leading global power supply manufacturer and recognized as a trustworthy brand by our customers around the world. As a top-notch manufacturer in the power supply field for over 40 years. We constantly create innovative products and at the same time insist on quality and safety.

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