Membership Application Procedure

Once you’ve decided you’d like to become a member of the CharIN association, all you need to do initially is make a written application to the association’s board.

The board members and the steering committee will then discuss your application and vote on acceptance. If your application is accepted, you may be asked to make a membership payment to the association according to the Rules for Membership Dues.

For a formal membership application, please, download and complete the Membership Application Form and return it to the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. We are looking forward to partnering with you soon to commonly develop and promote the Combined Charging System (CCS).

These are translations for your convenience and not legally binding. The legally binding documents are the German versions “Satzung des Charging Interface Initiative e. V.” (*) and “Beitragsordnung des Charging Interface Initiative e. V.” (**).



Ingeteam joins CharIN e.V.

Founded in 1972, Ingeteam is a leading company specializing in the design of power and control electronics (frequency converters, process automation and control systems), electrical machines (generators and motors),electric vehicle charging points, electrical engineering and generation plants.

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CharIN e.V. with over 60 members: the CCS community is steadily growing

CharIN e.V. looks back to a successful year 2016 with increased international activities, presence at various events and a lot of new members. Ten new members are joining the CharIN e.V. from January 2017. The participation at a panel discussion on January 11th at the NAIAS will probably also...

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Communication Networks Institute veranstaltet 5. internationales Testing Symposium zur CCS Ladeschnittstelle in Süd-Korea

Am 10. und 11. November 2016 fand das 5. internationale ISO/IEC 15118 Testing Symposium zur E-Fahrzeug Ladeschnittstelle in Süd-Korea statt. 36 Unternehmen aus 10 Nationen kamen auf der südkoreanischen Insel Jeju zusammen, um ihre neuesten Steuergeräte Entwicklungen für das Combined Charing System...

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